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Frequently asked questions ...
Do I have to order a minimum number of invitations, or order in multiples of (for example) ten?
No - you order exactly as many as you need!  It may be wise to order one or two spare, just in case.  (See below...)
What happens if I haven't ordered enough invitations, and need an extra 2 or 3?
That's OK - just get in touch with me and ask for the extra number you require.  It may take up to a couple of weeks to produce them, as I will have to fit the work into my schedule.
I've seen a design on your website, but it's on a wallet and I want a traditional folded card...
Most of my designs can be adapted so they look good on all the styles of invitations.  Many of my customers have had a wallet for the day invitations, and a folded card with the same design to send to evening guests.
I really love one of the designs, but the colours don't match my wedding day theme.  Can you do the range in a different colour?
In the majority of cases, yes - just let me know the colours you want, and I'll show you some colour swatches for you to choose from.
Can you match the colour of my bridesmaid dresses exactly?
Not always, but I'll do my best!  Sometimes it's better to co-ordinate rather than try to match a colour exactly.
We have our own ideas for a design - can you work with this?
If possible, yes.  Just bear in mind that I do not have sophisticated copying and printing equipment, or advanced software!
My friend recently got married, and I'd like the same design on my invitations as she had.  Can you copy her design?
If I made her invitations, then yes, I can copy the design.
If however she had her invitations supplied by another stationer, then the answer is no.  Designs are protected by copyright, and I will not copy designs by other stationers, just as I do not expect others to copy mine.
We have a rather tight budget, and I'm not sure we can really afford all the stationery we would like....!
Don't worry - I will advise you on how to get the best value for your money.  This can be a simple as not enclosing an RSVP card, or putting your guests names onto the favour boxes instead of having separate place cards.  Just let me know what you can afford, and I'll create your stationery within that budget.
What does the consultation involve?
Well - you browse through the stationery samples I have, and make decisions on style, design and colours.  I will help you to co-ordinate the colours, and make sure that the combination of card, paper, textures and weight are suitable.
I will also help you to compose the wording for the invitations, and you can decide on the colour of the print as well as the style of lettering and any special effects (e.g. shadow).
I'd like a design with a pronounced 3D effect - but I'm worried about it getting damaged in the post.
I can provide postal card boxes for most sizes of invitation.  These will cost between 50p and £1.00 each, and will be supplied flat for you to assemble yourself.
My handwriting is really bad!  Will you print my guest's names onto the invitations for me?
Yes - I'll do this for a small extra payment.  Names should be provided in a Word or Excel document and EXACTLY as you want them to appear on the invitation.  This way, any spelling errors are yours, and not mine!
Please note though that this service does not extend to printing the envelopes too!
I'd like the hymns printed into the Order of Service - is this possible?
You will need to have permission to copy, as most of the more modern hymns are still copyright protected.
However - lots of churches now have what is known as a CCL licence.  If so, obtain the number, and we can then print the hymns under that licence number.
If my seating plan changes after you have made the Table plan, can it be changed?
Oops - not really!!
It depends upon the design, but in the majority of cases, the answer is no.
I make the plans approx 1-2 weeks before the wedding so that most late changes can be included, but there has to be a cut-off point.